Third Party logistics

Now shippers can take control of their transportation management, and logistics using a cloud-native enterprise-grade platform. Everything you need to handle multiple delivery providers

Access to loadboards

Import orders from DAT, Truckstop and other loadboards

Different handling units

Weigh, size, volume and freight class input

Transportation mode input

Multiple equipment types, location modeling and accessorial

Integrated with any ERP and WMS

Upload data from MS Excel

Integrate with 3PLs

flock freight

Access to leading delivery providers

Onboard 3rd party carriers

Optimize multiple fleets

ELD integration and tracking

Connect with delivery partners

Connect with delivery partners



Get rates from connected carriers

Create and send RFPs

Create and send BOL and other docs

Dispatch and visibility

Dispatch and visibility

Dispatch loads to drivers

Track your shipments

Delivery status updates

Invoicing and settlements

Invoicing and settlements

Settle with 3pls

Implement smart invoicing

Improve accuracy

Connect with accounting software