Top 10 distribution and transportation blogs

  1. Modern Distribution Management
    This site offers “wholesale distribution news, expert analysis, and modern research.” Their blog has regular and helpful themes like Q&As, Tips, and Recommended Reading categories.
  2. Supply Chain Digital
    Supply Chain Digital combines a number of topics and blogs covering almost all the spectrum of distribution, transportation, and logistics. It also has good coverage of companies’ news as well as streams a series of videos.
  3. Supply Chain Matters
    Run by Bob Ferrari, the Managing Director of Ferrari Research and Consulting, Supply Chain Matters tackles supply and value chain management. This blog provides expert analysis on supply chain matters, which is an excellent resource for those new to the supply chain field.
  4. Supply Chain Management Review
    Though technically not a blog, Supply Chain Management Review is too valuable of a resource to leave off this list. The site offers daily news stories, and also produces white papers and webcasts on all things supply chain. Though a smaller part of its overall operation, Supply Chain Management Review publishes a weekly blog.
  5. The 21st Century Supply Chain Blog
    Arguably the best pure “blog” on this list, the 21st Century Supply Chain Blog covers exactly what you’d expect it to. With analysis on supply chain matters from several different authors, this blog offers a unique blend of supply chain analysis, covering all sides of a topic.
  6. Supply Chain Brain
    SupplyChainBrain is a huge information resource. In addition to providing complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions, and the latest innovations – and continues to write and report on these as they evolve and mature.
  7. Food Logistics
    Food Logistics is an industry-leading blog across all topics in the logistics sphere. However, the blog particularly shines in its Cold Chain section, where it explores the latest technological innovations, regulatory measures, and general news related to temperature-controlled freight. The blog also includes a Sponsored Research section, which dives into topics like Food Safety and Cold Chain Integrity.
  8. Transport Topics
    Transport Topics is an excellent overall resource for companies and individuals operating within the transportation and freight industry. The blog includes great information on prominent companies in the space but also explores innovations, recent regulations, and driver satisfaction. Transport Topics also has revenue data for top logistics companies and freight carriers.
  9. Truck News
    Truck News is a Canadian blog that compiles content from a variety of authors with years of trucking industry experience. Its content ranges from new to experienced drivers, as well as sales representatives and managers. It’s updated with fresh content at least once a week, so there are plenty of great resources to keep you coming back.
  10. Freight Hub
    Freight Hub is a German freight forwarding company with a global reach. Its blog is a refreshing assortment of internationally relevant content, ranging from discussions on regulation to case studies and exploration of new transportation and logistics technology. It’s a great resource for international shippers but is equally helpful to understand the global climate around shipping, transportation, and logistics.
Collected from different sources. This is not a rating guide.