Top 10 Blogs About the Distribution and Transportation Sectors

distribution and transportation blogs

If you are a logistics professional or a shipper, then you understand how important it is to stay up to date on the latest news and upcoming trends.

In today’s competitive industry, companies that can adapt quickly will come out on top. The trick is staying informed without falling into the trap of information overload. Fortunately for logistics professionals everywhere, there is a whole new world of information sharing available at their fingertips.

The Internet provides many different opportunities for logistics providers to get the information they need where and when they need it. But to make this easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 industry blogs that are must-reads for those in the distribution and transportation sectors.

We have collected distribution and transportation blogs that, in our view, discuss the most burning issues of contemporary distribution and transportation management and can be interesting to both novice readers and industry experts.

1. Modern Distribution Management

This site offers “wholesale distribution news, expert analysis, and modern research.” Their blog has regular and helpful themes like Q&As, Tips, and Recommended Reading categories.

This blog is ideal for logistics professionals looking for help with running their businesses. Distribution managers can find useful advice on stocking, pricing policies, order processing, and other issues that are common concerns in the industry.

2. Supply Chain Digital

Supply Chain Digital combines a number of topics and blogs covering almost all the spectrum of distribution, transportation, and logistics. It also has good coverage of companies’ news as well as streams a series of videos.

This blog is ideal for professionals that focus on the supply chain. Distribution managers can find useful advice on scheduling, IT-systems, and other issues that are common concerns in the industry.

3. Supply Chain Matters

Run by Bob Ferrari, the Managing Director of Ferrari Research and Consulting, Supply Chain Matters tackles supply and value chain management. This blog provides expert analysis on supply chain matters, which is an excellent resource for those new to the supply chain field.

This blog is ideal for those who are new to the industry and want an overview of essential distribution and transportation concepts. Distribution managers can also find plenty of relevant articles on procurement, supplier relations, outsourcing and other topics that relate to their role.

4. Supply Chain Management Review

Though technically not a blog, Supply Chain Management Review is too valuable of a resource to leave off this list. The site offers daily news stories, and also produces white papers and webcasts on all things supply chain. Though a smaller part of its overall operation, Supply Chain Management Review publishes a weekly blog.

This is great for those who want to keep on top of the latest industry news. Distribution managers can find articles that discuss technology news, people changes, and analyze public policy changes that are having an impact on their business.

5. The 21st Century Supply Chain Blog

Arguably the best pure “blog” on this list, the 21st Century Supply Chain Blog covers exactly what you’d expect it to. With analysis on supply chain matters from several different authors, this blog offers a unique blend of supply chain analysis, covering all sides of a topic.

This blog is ideal for logistics professionals looking for help with running their businesses. Distribution managers can find useful advice on stocking, pricing policies, order processing, and other issues that are common concerns in the industry.

6. Supply Chain Brain

SupplyChainBrain is a huge information resource. In addition to providing complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions, and the latest innovations – and continues to write and report on these as they evolve and mature.

This is a great spot for logistics professionals looking for an in-depth analysis on how various strategies can help their business. Distribution managers can find opinions and advice on the latest supply chain technology, planning techniques, sourcing strategies, transportation management services and more.

7. Food Logistics

Food Logistics is an industry-leading blog across all topics in the logistics sphere. However, the blog particularly shines in its Cold Chain section, where it explores the latest technological innovations, regulatory measures, and general news related to temperature-controlled freight. The blog also includes a Sponsored Research section, which dives into topics like Food Safety and Cold Chain Integrity.

Professionals looking to stay on the cutting edge in the distribution and transportation industry will find this blog invaluable. Distribution managers can find advice, opinion and analysis on topics like automated storage and retrieval systems, smart label technology, and data management.

8. Transport Topics

Transport Topics is an excellent overall resource for companies and individuals operating within the transportation and freight industry. The blog includes great information on prominent companies in the space but also explores innovations, recent regulations, and driver satisfaction. Transport Topics also has revenue data for top logistics companies and freight carriers.

This is ideal for logistics managers looking to get up-to-date information on the latest news in the industry. Distribution managers can find great analysis on topics like trucking capacity, rising fuel prices, and changes in consumer demand.

9. Truck News

Truck News is a Canadian blog that compiles content from a variety of authors with years of trucking industry experience. Its content ranges from new to experienced drivers, as well as sales representatives and managers. It’s updated with fresh content at least once a week, so there are plenty of great resources to keep you coming back.

Those who are looking for industry news without the hassles of long-form articles will love this blog. Trucking industries will find useful guides and tips on topics like what it takes to become a driver, hiring truckers, and even how to start your own trucking business. Distribution managers can also find great resources on transportation management software.

10. Less Platform

There are various topics discussed in Less Platform blog posts including transportation, distribution delivery and trucking management. Less Platform authors discuss burning points of contemporary transportation and distribution management as well as provide insights on niche-related pain points.

Collected from different sources. This is not a rating guide.