Distribution Logistics

The best delivery route planning, load building, and execution management software for any type of wholesale and retail distributor. Special multi-stop pick-up and delivery planning, load building and routing powerhouse for distributors.

Order upload or import

Distribution Logistics

Create or upload orders

Different handling units

Weigh, size, volume and freight class input

Flat, per mile rates and additions

Multiple equipment types, location modeling and accessorial

Thousand SKU uploaded in the system

Integrate with Shopify and other marketplaces

Delivery routing

Delivery routing

Route planning for multi-stop pick-up and delivery operations

Ability to plan thousands of orders at once

Plan's total mileage optimization vs single route distance optimization

Different optimization goals such as total mileage, total time, drivers best schedules

Both flexible equipment and driver's fixed schedule and trucks

Multi-depot planning and control

Pickups and deliveries planning to avoid depots

Combination of both static and dynamic routing process



Driver management and rules

Customer management, scheduling and rules

Product management and SKUs

Vendor management and rules

Equipment management

Drivers weekly pay calculation settlement



Driver's mobile app connected with the central control tower

Loads assigned to drivers both dynamically and weekly

The ability for the driver to perform and send the daily DVIR from the tablet

Driver check-out in the morning then check-in after route completion process



Live ETA for all stops

Delivery status update for each load and stop

The ability for the driver to select one of the stops on that tablet and navigate to that stop

Driver communication

Customer notification process that pushes a customer projected arrive time

Instant navigation

Analytics and long term distribution modeling

Analytics and long term distribution modeling

Customer, destination and driver performance

Logistic KPI's

Long term distribution modeling

The optimal number of depots and locations modeling