Field Services Management

Plan all your tasks and don’t miss any appointment. We have developed proprietary multi-stop route planning algorithms that create the most optimal task plans for 100s of tasks across all your geographies by taking into consideration task duration. Task assignment and communication with agents are instant eliminating needless calls. You can monitor all your operations on the central console and intervene when required.

Task entry

  • Create or upload tasks
  • Tasks can have exact appointment deadlines
  • MS Excel file upload
  • Integrates with your current ordering or booking systems
  • Integrates with your customer app


  • Create optimized route plans for hundreds of tasks in seconds
  • ETA’s are visible at the planning stage


  • Create agents lists with contact info
  • Assign tasks to agents on their mobiles
  • Create customer lists and plan recurring tasks


  • Mobile app for agents
  • Dynamic routing
  • Agents live tracking
  • Live ETAs for all stops
  • Centralized tracking of all stops
  • Live monitoring dashboard of all agents and tasks
  • Live communication with agents
  • Customer automatic notification about the agent’s arrival
  • Geofencing

Driver app

  • Organize all tasks for the day or a week
  • See all stops for multi-stop tasks
  • Live ETA’s
  • Instant update of new tasks
  • In-app navigation
  • Electronic POD


  • Settle with your agents


  • Agents performance
  • Customers performance
  • Operations performance