You are a distributor using  Dynamics NAV, Oracle Netsuit, SAP, Epicor Prophet, NECS Entrée, Infor M3* and other distribution and WMS software or still on spreadsheets. You have 100s of multi-stop deliveries to plan and a limited number of trucks to use. You run asset based and asset-light deliveries.

There are a number of problems you are dealing with at the moment, such as:

Problem 1. Your multi-stop deliveries are planned manually creating havoc in a planning department as you need to take care of lots of real-life variables. These are multiple depots, 1000's of SKUs, tightening time windows, variable unloading times, priority customers, drivers' location and customer priorities to name a few.

Problem 2. You drive thousands or even millions of miles more than necessary for the same demand losing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Problem 3. You are struggling to keep up with your appointment times and to balance your fleets for dynamic orders.

Problem 4. You need ETA's and automated updates of potential late deliveries, delivery notifications to customers, and delivery status monitoring.

Problem 5. You can’t handle your strategic and dynamic planning equally well.

Solution. Less® Platform  offers You to start automatically planning hundreds of loads and routes right after signing in, enjoying sizable savings and massively improving planners' experience. It is the only solution in the market which solves the Vehicle Routing Problem for distribution firms dynamically. 

Sign in and test it for free on our website.

Our driver app also comes absolutely free, which helps to dispatch loads and control the delivery process.

We are building a network of reliable carriers all over North America whom you contact in case of demand sparks and temporary truck shortages.

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