You are a carrier using TMW suite, Dynamics NAV, Oracle, JDA, 3PL Central, Avaal* or other TMS software or don’t have any dispatch system at all. You have many LTL shipments to bring into your terminals and then plan linehauls.

There are a number of problems that you are dealing with at the moment, such as:

Problem 1. Your multi-stop inboud freight planned manually creating havoc in a planning department.

Problem 2. You drive thousands or even millions of miles more than necessary for the given demand.

Problem 3. You are struggling to keep up with your appointment times and to balance your fleets for dynamic orders.

Solution. Less® Platform  offers You to start automatically planning 100 loads and routes right after signing in, enjoying sizable savings, and massively improving planners’ experience. It is the only solution in the market which solves the Vehicle Routing Problem for the LTL trucking industry dynamically. 

Sign in and test it for free on our website.

Our driver app also comes absolutely free, which helps to dispatch loads and control the delivery process.

We are building a network of reliable shippers who will contact you for their loads based on your lane statistics and upon your approval.  

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