Accuracy, speed, and visibility is the goal of any transportation and logistics activity. 

In the current environment of faster delivery, shortening delivery windows, and increasing service requirements, manual planning or dependence on rudimentary planning tools substantially increases costs and wade in inefficiencies. These inefficiencies occur because a human brain is not capable of juggling all the myriad factors involved in a scenario where multiple trucks are making multi-stop pick-up and delivery runs. Planners' usual response to high volumes is to throw more trucks and drivers than you need to. It means out of proportion escalating costs to halve your margins.

Here are examples of how Less® saves costs and increases the efficiency of logistics and transportation for different industries.


Assuring fastest planning time with tight delivery windows


Helping to plan cross-docking and pooling operations in one place

Wholesale distributors

Assuring faster deliveries and improved visibility of operations. Helping to decrease havoc in the planning department 

Pharmaceutical distributors

Assure flexible planning for all types of temperature-controlled equipment, fastest delivery, and highest control levels. Less® is the best solution both for direct-to-store and self-warehousing models

Agriculture and horticulture

Maintain just-in-time deliveries with the greatest variety of products and increased load rate


Helping to concentrate on your main operations by guaranteeing the highest service levels for customers

Importers and exporters

Planning both inbound and outbound operations with tight windows

Retail distributors

Assuring wide product assortment, more demand, and faster multi-stop deliveries


Planning store deliveries and integrating with procurement and warehousing


Never delay any amount and keep project durations under control

Government logistics

Increase the control, visibility, and speed of operations