#1 Software for Logistics and Delivery

Combining the best route optimization with delivery management, Less Platform makes your last-mile logistics most accurate and cost-effective

We combine

Route planning optimization

Self-scheduled order management

Digital dispatch and visibility

3rd party contracting

We are the 1st solution, which works equally well for:

Slide Less Platform - The richest multi-stop route planning solution

City dispatch and long-haul trucking

Slide Less Platform - The richest multi-stop route planning solution

Daily and weekly multi drop routing

Slide Less Platform - The richest multi-stop route planning solution

Private fleets and for-hire carriers

It allows you to make planners’ work more creative and delivery management 100% remote and accurate.

The richest multi-stop route planning solution


Save 300 hours of a planner’s time annually


Assure up to 40% less driven mileage


Saved money

Digital dispatch that helps you get full control on your delivery process

  • Instantly assign daily and weekly loads to drivers. Dynamic updates appear right in his app.
  • Get route durations with Service times and HOS requirements included.
  • Dispatchers have drivers entry and exit times for all locations.

Analytics that help you gain competitive advantage


Improve customer service by comparing planned and actual deliveries and service times


Assess and improve performance of your fleet and distribution centers


Track your KPIs and more than 15 metrics, such as late deliveries, loaded and empty mileages, saved miles and


Implement strategic planning and forecasting to shield against the competition  and lift up your position

Our Products for You

Last Mile Delivery
Distribution Logistics
Less than Truckload
Field service Logistics
Third Party Delivery

As an impartial platform, we help you to quickly build or upgrade your delivery business. Now you have the most robust order upload, delivery planning, and execution platform.

Our Products for You

How it works


Upload a CSV file or automatically get orders from your ERP


Create loads and routes


Dispatch loads to comany drivers and make dynamic changes


Send loads to 3rd party carriers

Why Less is simply the best for distribution logistics

Mixed hub and spoke and pick up and delivery routing models
Combined inbound and outbound planning
Combined private and for-hire fleets
Thousands of orders routed simultaneously
Potential late delivery warnings
Automatic geofencing
Integrated visibility
Data aggregation and analytics
Multiple days
Multiple DCs
Multi-day flexible start time
AI based service times
Rush hour modelling

When will I see these gains?

The same month of starting to use as we have 0 upfront fee and one-month trial usage period. You don’t need to wait months or years to assess that superstitious ROI

What should I do?
Upload your data and start on month free usage!


Download a white paper for more details about Less Platform’s different modules and functionals

What people say

Slide Bob F. 18 Sep 2020 Less Platform saves hours of our planners' time, frees up time for more creative work, and helps as to cut mileage. Highly recommended to any distribution firm Slide Less platform is the only one that manages to combine our inbound LTL planning, outbound multi-modal loads, and driver management James A. 29 Sep 2020

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