Logistic service


Don't you have a feeling that with your current TMS your loads are too expensive, the planning department is a havoc and loads could be more optimal? You think that you tried everything but it is what it is? 

A couple of reasons out of many which could have slipped from your attention and seemed not so obvious:

Problem 1. Your LTL shipments are too expensive because they are not optimally consolidated or cross-docked.

Problem 2. Your load planning is static, not dynamic leaving money on the table.

Problem 3. Your partial flatbed shipments are too expensive because you also pay for the empty capacity.

Problem 4. You don’t have maximum visibility of your multi-stop loads along the whole supply chain.

Problem 5. Your current system isn’t good enough both for asset based and asset-light logistics and  you can’t plan your milk milk-runs and outbound multi-stop loads simultaneously.

Solution. Less® TMS is the only platform that provides a unique engine to build virtual and truck based loads and get LTL and partial flatbeds delivered with minimum cost. It also helps substantially improve your planning and dispatch experience, cutting hours of non-productive work.

Sign in and test it for free on our website.

Our carrier app also comes absolutely free, which helps to dispatch loads and control the delivery process.

We are building a network of reliable carriers all over North America whom you contact in case of demand sparks and temporary truck shortages. You might also get instant availability of partially empty dry van, freezer and flatbed space for your current lanes.