our difference

This is the only platform which combines multi-stop route planning optimization, scheduling, dispatch, and delivery processes management in one place. We do several things much better than others:

Solving your most burning planning issues

  • The least driven mileage for the given demand with the help of our Combinatorial optimization algorithms
  • Most accurate service (unloading or dwell) times with the help of our AI algorithms
  • Most accurate traffic forecast at the planning stage based on our AI algorithms
  • Planning unlimited orders with the help of our AI algorithms

Improving your planning experience

  • Live ETA's at the planning stage
  • Most intuitive and easy to use UX
  • Enterprise grade cloud architecture
  • Fast integration with the most ERPs

Planning engine with the most real-life variables included

  • Planning for orders at once decreasing route plan’s mileage
  • Running most optimal Capacitated Vehicle Routing Planning algorithms for EVERY plan
  • Capacity constraints included
  • Time window constraints included
  • Fixed, flexible and combined routes planning
  • Customer prioritizing
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Load quantity and route plans simulations by changing service times
  • Multiple depot planning
  • Hours of Service requirements included
  • Variable service times included
  • Virtual and truck based multi-stop loads for asset-based and asset-light shippers
  • Mileage, time, and schedule optimization
  • Depot based and pick-up and delivery optimization
  • Inbound and Outbound operations planned simultaneously
  • Dynamic planning integrated

The best multi-stop execution

  • Monitoring of each stop
  • Updated ETA's for all loads and warnings for early or late deliveries
  • Detailed loads and stops in the driver app
  • Customer automatic notification of arrival
  • Navigation is incorporated in the same app