Route planning


  • Create a route plan for 1000’s of pickups and deliveries in seconds
  • Both driver-based routes and virtual loads
  • Both depot based (hub and spoke) or depot-light pickup and delivery planning
  • LTL, FTL, Parcel delivery routing
  • Create daily, weekly or bi-weekly route planes
  • Save routes into loads
  • Multi-depot planning environment
  • CSV or other export


  • Get the lowest mileage for the plan
  • Get the lowest total time for the plan
  • Get the more balanced loads
  • Get the best plan according to current drivers schedule
  • Limit the number of stops, create priority deliveries and driver-specific routes
  • Get routes which never violate any capacity constraint, delivery constraint
  • Service and dwell times are dependant on the location and the size of the delivery

Order management

  • Allow your customers to have self-scheduling delivery windows
  • Assure the best pick up management
  • Connect routing modules to your order management system
Route planning

Digital dispatch

Dispatch and visibility

  • Assign loads to drivers instantly on their app avoiding paperwork
  • Track exact enters and exits from target locations via our geofencing functional
  • Receive updated ETA’s and warnings in case of potential delivery window violations
  • Notify customers about the arrival
  • Automatically create daily and weekly schedules
  • Integrate with ELDs and other IoT devices

Driver app

  • Drivers instantly receives loads and routes
  • They always have updated schedules
  • Receive all the communication and documents right in the app
  • Navigation includes not only driving time but also stops service durations and breaks
  • Send PoDs back to dispatchers

Analytics and reporting

  • Operational dashboard of all ongoing deliveries, updated ETA’s and late delivery warnings
  • Generate weekly or monthly report about driver performance, loaded and empty miles and many other operational parameters
  • Forward looking DC and company level analytics and forecasts
  • Depot location optimal modelling
  • Long term transportation modelling