Cloud architecture

  • You will get as many dedicated servers as needed closest to your depot or HQ locations.
  • Highest security and lowest latency
  • 99.99 uptime, the possibility to deploy the same system on different coasts in 40 minutes from the backup.
  • Get analytical tools for better visibly and to increase efficiency
  • Mapping and routing are integrated on the cloud, so no on-premise installation is needed even for 10000’s of deliveries

Programming environment dedicated to big data processing

  • Most advanced database, back- and front-end architecture and programming languages
  • Dedicated and Virtual servers. Works on any public cloud server provider of a choice (AWS, Azure, etc.). It’s possible to seamlessly deploy the platform on the private cloud by your request
  • Distance calculations and tracking are done on our servers which assure the lowest latency and large data usage
  • MongoDB database architecture

Integration full support

Our team of developers is at your disposal to help your technical team in changing the modules, developing new ones and integrating with your current API enabled ERP and WMS

Custom-made analytics 

Tailor-made data analytics and dashboards which is specific to your business. Integration with other analytic environments if needed

On-demand modelling and programming

Our team of data scientists can remodel our optimization algorithms according to your logistic model and taking into account unique requirements