Transportation management

Now shippers can take control of their transportation management, and logistics using a cloud-native enterprise-grade platform. Everything you need to handle hub-based and hubless operations. Connected to thousands of carriers for immediate rating and sourcing. Helps to create all the shipping docs and implement the most accurate invoicing and settlements.

Order entry

  • Create or upload orders
  • Different handling units
  • Weigh, size, volume and freight class input
  • Transportation mode input
  • Multiple equipment types, location modeling and accessorial 
  • Integrated with any ERP and WMS
  • Upload data from MS Excel


  • Inbound and outbound planning
  • Multi-leg and multi-mode planning
  • Daily and multi-week planning
  • Hub-based and Hub-less planning

Rating and Tendering

  • Get rates from connected carriers
  • Create and send RFPs
  • Create and send BOL and other docs


  • Track your shipments
  • Delivery status updates


  • Create invoices if needed
  • Settle with contracted carriers

Analytics and long term distribution modeling

  • Customer, lane and driver performance
  • Logistic KPI's 
  • Long term logistic modeling
  • The optimal number of depots and locations modeling